Message from Shinji Harada regarding Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

When the world is trying to overcome great trials and achieve soul growth, another big trial has
come. While fighting against natural disasters and infectious diseases, this time a man-made
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was incomprehensible and shocking news that could only be
described as barbarism of a crazy dictator.
We have made so many sacrifices, experienced sorrow and hardship from our past wars and here
we are, at war again.
A fully systemized power house launching missiles in the name of war, trolling the city with tanks
destroying everyone’s lives and killing hundreds of people.
Literally summoning hell on Earth.
It’s not an act of man-kind. It’s madness dangling nuclear weapons from its shoulder.
The other day we have taken action to reaffirm the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
from around the world and again, all the anger, fear and sorrow.
For whatever reason, there must be no cause sufficed from trampling over human lives.
We should’ve been way past that evolving to a different stage as human being as a whole.
Now is the time to send the message to take the action of kindness!
Now is the time to start V.F.P (Vote for Peace)!
Take action immediately!
Now is the time to fully allocate our social media and use social network to send our strong
message for peace.
There’s a strong desire for peace from the Russian people and to stop the soldier’s brainwashed
by Putin and his system.
Each person’s actions make a difference. It’s not impossible!
We need to stop the sacrifice of people immediately!
Ukraine’s resistance is necessary, but if there could be a nonviolent approach it should become a
stronger message.
Stronger, direct intervention and measures should be taken by the United Nations.
We are all connected and each of us is involved in what happens on Earth.
Please take a step forward for peace to win peace!
Please take action of kindness!