Born:Dec. 5, 1958, Hiroshima, Japan.
Performance  Singer/Song Writer/Producer/Broadcast

Shinji Harada made his debut in 1977.
His first 3 singles, which were released in 3 consecutive months, all ranked in the top 10 simultaneously on the Japanese Billboard.
The first album he released ranked number 1 on its first appearance on the Billboard,
and Shinji marked his name in the History of Japanese Music as one of the founders of Modern Rock in Japan.
He performed overseas especially in North America, Europe, and the Philippines,
in addition to the United Nations Conference of Disarmament in Mexico, United Nations “High level forum on the culture of peace” in New York and “The Third UN World Conference on
Disaster Risk Reduction” in Sendai Japan
Shinji also actively worked to spread his belief in “Yamato”, the spirit of sharing kindness and loving one another, through his music.




1995, 2004  //  Wrote the school anthem for Elementary School.
1998  //  Music producer for the musical,  which sold out all additional
Oct. 1999  //  Reception performance at the International Environmental Conference
Since 2000 yearly // Charity concerts for forest restoration, CHINJU NO MORI, at 9 shrines around Japan( Meiji, Ise, Miyajima, etc. )
2002  //  Director of music of the Japan-Korea movie production, Hakujin Tokai
Jul. 8. 2004  //  Opening ceremony live Cannes International Art Festival at Palais des Festival
Since Aug.5. 2006 yearly // Universal Peace Day “ Peace Concert” in New York
Since 2006 yearly// Peace Charity Concert “Global Harmony” in Hiroshima,Nagasaki, Tokyo
Sep.5.6.2007 // Performance at United Nations in NY
Since Sep.9.11.2007 yearly // Concert for 9-11ceremony in NY
Oct.25.2007 // Performance at New York United Nations“KIDS FOR THE FUTURE” event
Apr.1-3 2007 // Live at Tondo Manila Philippines
Sep.9. 2009// Live at 62nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference “For Peace and
Development: Disarm Now!”  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico City
Sep.19 2010//Chinju-no-Mori Concert at Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America
Jan.2011//Receiving a prize of the Hiroshima Citizen Prize that is given for the person who gave Hiroshima citizens a dream and hope and who contributed to make cheerful and livable Hiroshima.
Nov.1.2012//  Debut 35 Anniversary Live at Tokyo International Forum
Sep.6.2013// Performance at United Nations in NY “High level forum on the culture of peace”
Mar.14-18.2015// Performance at “The Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction” in Sendai Japan
May.23 2015//Chinju-no-Mori Concert at Izumo Grand Shrine in Japan