Message from Shinji

I was born in Hiroshima and have learned a lot about the awful disaster which took place 61 years ago and I have been making music as a professional singer, song writer focusing on World Peace as a theme for 30 years.
To prevent war from happening, and to be positively sure that the disaster in Hiroshima won’t happen again, the time has come for us to demolish the ego- centered state of mind and to open up our eyes once again to bring back the “Kindness” we all used to have.
To the human race, the disaster caused by the atomic bomb is a big lesson we all have to learn. Our first priority in this situation is not to point out names and responsibility of the disaster but for the whole human race to accept and learn about this tragedy as a sin that was caused by all of us. The biggest “Nuclear weapon” that we human possess, is the ego-centered state of mind. Our job as a human race is to take out this weapon of mass destruction and start balancing out this world by shift changing our direction towards kindness and respect.
I think that the time has come for us to put the civil movement in action in order to place this planet on the right track. One man’s change of mind will eventually change the others state of mind too. To show the world how “Kindness” will affect the world is something I think is crucial in saving the world. This movement will lead to each individual’s happiness which the individuals’ happiness will lead to the community’s happiness which finally leads to the happiness of the whole world.
World peace and Environmental issues are just like Jigsaw puzzles. We are the whole jigsaw puzzle but in the world today, some seems to be missing. If there is even one missing peace, the puzzle can never be completed. Our task is to light our heart with the fire of “Kindness” and to spread this positive vibes throughout the world. Violence is and never was the remedy; we have learned this through the mistake we had made in the past. In Japan, there is a word which is called the “Wa” . This character has a meaning of mutual respect and the balance of harmony. I would like to present the culture of “Wa” through my music.
Until the day we hear the
beautiful harmony of peace, I will
keep on going forward to spread
the positive energy.