Hiroshima World Peace Concert 

~From Hiroshima, just  before the G7 Summit, which is attracting the attention of the world’s media, we will convey the importance and strong will for peacebuilding to the world through music and prayer. ~

Contents: Musicians who are taking actions for peace on earth, and religious leaders who represent the world’s major religions will gather to promote the need for a more peaceful world. We will also exhibit peace art and A-bomb photos.  

Sponsored by Gentle Earth (NPO) (President: Shinji Harada,  Vice President: Reiko Yukawa)

Supported  by Heiwa Peace and Reconciliation Foundation of New York (President: Rev. Dr. TK Nakagaki)

Endorsed  by Hiroshima Summit Prefecture Council, Unitar Association, The City of Hiroshima, and Department of Education Committee of Hiroshima City

Musician: Shinji Harada, Keizou Nakanishi, Taiji Sato, Hitomi Shimatani, Oriyuki and more

Religious leaders:  Rev. Kenjitsu Nakagaki and more

Expected guests : Mayor of Hiroshima City , Mayor of Nagasaki City,  Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture

Place: Inside of Hiroshima Peace Park where we can see the A-bomb Doom.

Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

(Rain day: May 16)

Time: 3:00pm – sunset

Fee: Free for those who can come to the Hiroshima Peace Park and those who watch it online